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Our Impact

Who are we?

Our gym, led by two dedicated Level 2 Qualified Boxing Coaches, myself (Marvin Greaves) and Toni Greaves, along with the support of our Level 1 Qualified Boxing Coach, Marc Jackson, embodies a multicultural and inclusive environment. We prioritize creating a sense of family and promote values of respect, self-discipline, and hard work at the core of everything we do.


Our work extends to supporting the general public, as well as families, children, and young adults facing various difficulties. We address issues such as bullying, self-harm, anger management, changes within the home, confidence struggles, educational challenges, involvement in crime, probation, and gang affiliations.


Through our boxing and fitness sessions, we have witnessed positive transformations in many children and young people we have worked with. Our programs help them navigate their challenges, fostering confidence, self-expression, and improved overall health. We emphasize the importance of self-discipline and encourage open communication to share difficulties and concerns.


The impact of our sessions goes beyond the gym. We have seen improvements in school grades, happier school experiences, increased commitment, enthusiasm, and better communication within the home environment. Our sessions have played a significant role in these positive changes.


To provide a comprehensive overview of Team Greaves ABC and our commitment to the community, we have attached a table outlining the various sessions we offer to individuals, schools, and other community groups. Additionally, you will find photographs showcasing the diverse sessions, awards, and the meaningful work we undertake. These resources will give you a deeper understanding of our organisation and our values within the community we serve

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Our Team.

Meet our team. Combined, we bring a vast amount of experience to ensure that all our participants not only reach their true potential. They'll do so in the safest environment with a well trained board.

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